Published May 14, 2015

Jerusalem, Spring 2015: What Is Normal Here?

A love letter to the mundane Holy City

Matti Friedman
Published February 19, 2015

Becoming Moses

Published September 18, 2014

My Journey to the New Jerusalem

Forty percent of Jewish millennials are unaffiliated. That doesn't mean they're not creating a new kind of Jewish world.

Published May 19, 2014

In 2000, a Newspaper Headline Opened a Wound in Israeli Society. It Still Hasn't Healed.

The fight over alleged war crimes from 1948 is a window into the kaleidoscope of history and memory in Israeli culture

<p class="p1"> On Jan. 21, 2000, the weekend edition of the <i style="line-height: 1.8em;">Maariv</i> newspaper fronted a headline that blared &ldquo;The Massacre in Tantura!&quot; Written by the journalist Amir Gilat, the article purported to describe a war crime cover-up approaching the scale of My Lai, and set off a public firestorm that persists today.&nbsp;</p>
Published January 27, 2014

Soon There Will Be No Survivors

<span style=" font-size: 18px">American Jews say people must remember the Holocaust in the future, but are they ignoring its victims today?</span>